About Us

SanGroup International™ is a privately owned global company experienced in trading of high-quality DIET and leaf tobacco all around the world. The Team provides innovative yet cost-effective solutions for more than 30 years.

The Management Team has extensive international experience and in-depth knowledge of the
tobacco industry. Based on our direct and long-term relations with our local/international business
partners, most modern technologies are applied to offer a wide range of products.

DIET Tobacco Europe ™, the subsidiary of SanGroup International™ is established
exclusively to supply Dry Ice Expanded Tobacco for European and Asian customers by its latest
state of the art DIET facility in Europe.

Core values of SanGroup International™;

Long-term customer and supplier relations of the company on based solely on TRUST.

Selective business partners of ours are assured to receive a high level of EXCELLENCE in every
performance of the Team.

Highly COMMITTED and PASSIONATE team members focus to meet and exceed customer
expectations. The Team has the INTEGRITY to compromise on matters of principle to execute the
business in an ethical and responsible manner.

INNOVATIVE Team of the company develops tailor-made products considering the market conditions
customer requirements and product efficiency.

We highly value DIVERSITY among the team members and business partners and actively supports
local charities and educational organizations as a part of the corporate social responsibility.