DIET Services

SanGroup International™ is one of the independent Diet Tobacco suppliers, serving customers
around the world with its DIET products, made in Europe.

We have resources and expertise to create DIET products with an extensive range of specifications;
such as chemicals color, flavour, blend type, cut width and packaging. This range provides the
flexibility to the customers to develop a tailor-made product.


Dry Ice Expanded Tobacco in order to achieve the remarkable tasting and performing products in
the challenging competitive environment of today's world, DIET is the fundamental component
to rely on. DIET, being the major ingredient in all international premium cigarettes, proves
its value and indispensability. DIET provides extensive control on significant cigarette
parameters and ensures taste benefits like any other ingredient has done before.

Diet has reached its maximum usage so far, not only remarkably in cigarette production, but
in most MYO blends as well, that is a major growing market utilizing 100% DIET Tobacco.

DIET is also used in shisha products. It improves the absorption capacity of the tobacco
and gives a clean&neutral smoking quality to shisha products.

DIET is utilized by cigar products as well-100% DIET expanded cigar filler!


High filling-power will lead to remarkable saving and enhance your products.

- Reduces the bulk density of tobacco laminas.
- Lowers the weight of tobacco per cigarette.
- DIET process is the most effective tool for tar reduction.
- Improves smoking quality with better airflow/draw characteristics.
- Creates firmer cigarettes.
- Reduces the nicotine content of the combustible tobacco.

DIET paves the way to achieve the desired cigarette taste, quality and delivery properties, being the fundamental tool of product designers and developers. It is also used in most tobacco brands having low ISO tar yields, using proportions of expanded tobacco in their overall blends.

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