Code Of Conduct

This code of conduct sets out the following general standards of behavior by which
SanGroup International™ representatives, employees, contractors and agents are bound

-We ensure our personal interests and relationships don't create conflicts for the Company.
Our business is built on trust-based relationships and conflicts of interest risk undermining that
trust. It is therefore required to disclose any personal conflicts of interests, get required approvals
and follow any restrictions.

-We do not engage in any money laundering or terrorist financing activities.

-We do not collaborate with competitors on how to price our services or products to pursue
opportunities in a particular market.

-We do not misuse the confidential information or know-how of our business partners, clients, 
suppliers, agents or former employers.

-We comply with all applicable international trade controls including economic sanctions and export
controls and we do our utmost to ensure compliance.

-Our board of directors holds management accountable to operate and manage the company
according to strong ethical and governance principles.

-It is important to us that all transactions are recorded accurately, completely and in a timely
manner, in accordance with the accounting principles applicable at the company.

-We only commit to what we can deliver and engage with our clients as one team.

-We take all reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of non-public information relating
to our company and clients.

-We conduct our business in an ethical and responsible way. We support and respect human
rights and take our share of social responsibility.

-We are committed to upholding international child labor standards in our own operation. We
expect all of our suppliers to comply with international mandated labor standards and respect
working hour requirements.

-We expect all of our suppliers, their subcontractors and business partners to abide by
environmental rules, regulations and standards applicable to their workplace, the products
produced and the methods of manufacture in their workplace, the products produced and the methods of manufacture in their production facilities.

-We expect that all our suppliers, business partners and contractors are able to assume their
responsibility and act in compliance with this Code of Conduct.